Remote Exam Monitoring

Exams taken with Pass My Exam’s platform utilize the student’s webcam, making set up a breeze. Our live proctors monitor the entire exam to ensure policies are enforced and exam integrity and security is maintained.

Identification Verification: Our live proctors view and inspect the students identification to confirm they are in fact who they say they are.

Audio and Video Monitoring: Our platform allows the live proctor to monitor the student video live audio and video feed. This allows the proctor to detect unauthorized activity and conversations.

Screen Capture & Record: The live proctor has the ability to capture screen shots or record the session at will. This can prove valuable should any discrepancies arise.

Online Exam Platform

Online courses are created with flexibility in mind. The student can take advantage of the convenience of remote access to the course which requires the education institution to have an affordable and secure, yet reasonable option for students to take their exams.

Pass My Exam’s remote proctoring platform is user friendly, requiring minimal technical experience. Through the students existing webcam and a remote desktop connection, any student with a high speed internet connection and computer or laptop can take their exam from nearly any location.

Secure Environment

Pass My Exam was created to provide a secure testing solution for educational institutions, and a convenient option for students.

Students are provided the convenience of remote testing and given a system that is easy to set-up and enforce the exam policies. The solution is simple to use and requires little technical or user support.

Educational Institutions: